Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hair Inspirations

So i Realized that I have not posted any pics of what length I would desire my hair to Be. As of right now a long thick shoulder length bob is my goal by July 2011!! I think I Can do it I will post the length below. I have been reading some inspirational blogs about how much hair they retained on their hair care journey and some of these results are beautiful and Unbelievable, but it inspired me as well.Honestly I would be really be happy if my hair was jus thick and healthy all over no matter what the length thats why I cut my hair all off and started over again so it could all be healthy. To me there is nothing better than healthy hair whether short or long. Just to have it swanging and and shining and the ends looking healthy.. and no bald areas is beautiful to me! So this is what im aiming for.... by october that will be a full year for my hair journey

In the long term this what I want my hair to look like.....
Aaliyah so beautiful...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wiggin IT uP!

So my hair has been growin out of this pixie cut and its goin thru the ugly phase so i decided to start wigging it up! I have a lacefront wigs which i leave a little hair out in the front because i dont like how lacefront fit actually on the front of your hair. I just use some dark and lovely edge tamer for kids to the front of my hair. I actually like it because it looks good and I can still moisturize and seal my hair and take care of it. On a positive note It allows me to avoid using heat and its a protective style I also can stretch my relaxer longer because my hair is protected.On the downside my hair has been drying out and I think its the wig cap!!! I mean my hair is always been soft and moisturized and now it is so dry. The other day I cowashed with herbal ess long term relationship and deep conditioned my hair with keracare humecto under the dryer for 20 mins for some added moisture for my strands. That seemed to help ALOT actually. Ive heard wig caps can suck the moisture right out of your hair so as soon as I go to the BSS im goin to pick up a satin wig cap. I only wear my wig when I go out when I'm at home I take it off moisturize and seal I have also been using jamaican black castor oil on my hair a couple days after my wash days. This has helped thicken my hair up some. But I think I'll roll with the wigs for a couple of months to see how much length I retain. Ill try to post pics on my next update which will be my next wash day..until then.. Take Care and Good Bless!!!