Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sooo..I know i have been M.I.A lately I have been quite busy this semester at school but trust me I didnt forget about you guys. When I tell you my hair has been growing!!!!!! I am so excited at the growth I have recieved. Its been 7 months since I have cut my hair off and I feel like its has grown back to the length it was at when I first cut it. I have been following the Cathy Howse method strickly wash every 3 days deep condition with heat and with added oils. I also start drinking a shake about a month ago that helps with growing hair back thick and long. And when I tell you my hardwork is paying oFF! Now, Its getting a little hot and I am considering a sew-in for a couple of months because I have been really busy lately and I just dont have the time for my hair right now.I will be keeping you posted on that. Right now I have been trying to rollersetting my hair(still havent mastered it yet tho)so I can have some body in my hair without using direct heat. I did relax my hair about a month ago after I said I wasnt but thats for another story. So next time I post which is hopefully by the end of this week I will definetly post progress pics. Love you guys!!!! Stay blessed

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