Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Hair Story

Hello, fellow bloggers I'm really new to all this blogging stuff. This is how it all began...First i had to cut all my beautiful hair off because it was damaged from years of braids, glued in weaves and not taking care of my hair properly! Then i had this day where i was thinking and i said to myself I'm tired of wearing weaves i want to grow my own black hair long! So i started on my journey and i decided to take you guys along for the i called this blog Starting From Square One because thats exactly what i had to hair was chopped all the way off and tapered at the back. Its been cut for a month now. My hair regiment from this point (which will probably change frequently bc i just started) Shampooing every 6-7 i first stated out with Aphogee for Damged hair for the last two washed i have been using Hydrathermal Naturals Moisture Boosting Shampoo and I love it feels so good on my scalp! There was nothing wrong with Aphogee i just wanted more moisture in my Poo. Then after the shampoo i aplied the Aphogee Keratin 2 min reconstructor with and shower cap and i leave on for 5 mins. I followed the reconstructor with Organic Root Stimulater Replenishing Conditioner and I mix that with olive oil, coconut oil, and pepermint oil and i  leave it on for 20 mins with a plastic cap under a hooded dryer. I wash the conditioner out and i apply about quater size of chi silk infusion to my hair while its wet and i wrap my hair with keracare wrap lotion!!! i love keracarewrap lotion it conditions the har at the same time making it soft and manageble. I sit under a hooded ryer for about 30-40 sometimes i let it airdry overnight depending on how im feeling. I comb my hair out after its dry and i straighten my hair with chi flat iron and  wrap my hair back up with saran wrap i use a dime size of hydrathermal naturals mositurizing growth lotion whicch i looooooove it makes your hair so soft and it smells yummy too!!!! I sit under the dryer for about 10-15 mins then i comb out and i have a beautiful silky short wrap! Depending on how much heat i used the previous week sometimes i dont go back under the dryer for 10 mins ill just wrap my hair around and put a scarf on it and go to bed. Okay on another note i only used heat once a week on wash days only.

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