Sunday, November 28, 2010

new product

Sooooo I tried silicone mix for the first time and my hair absolutely loved it forreal! It made my hair incredibly smooth and shiny just exactly what I was looking for. I mixed the silicone mix with ors replenishing conditioner for extra strength. I'm thinking about adding a prepoo to my regimen since I'm on my 7 week stretch and I know it'll only get tougher from there I'm trying to stretch to 10 weeks or maybe christmas..who knows! My regimen last Tuesday was I clarifyed for the first time this month with keracare sulfate free shampoo. ..followed with a deep conditioner under heat for 20 mins ors/silicone mix...wrapped my hair with keracare wrap lotion and flatiron it out. I moisturize and seal with hydrathermal naturals and coconut oil every night

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