Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wash Day

The night before i washed i prepooed with coconut oil. The coconut oil softened out my new growth alot. Then the next day I washed with hydrathermal naturals moisture boosting shampoo followed by aphogee 2 min reconstructor (bc i have been using alot of heat lately) you always follow up a reconstructer with a moistuizing deep conditioner and i used silicon mix under the dryer for 30 mins, then i applied keracare leave in conditioner and i wrapped my hair with keracare wrap lotion. I sat under the dryer for about 45 mins then i took the wrap strips off and wrapped my hair with a scarf overnight. The next morining i straighten my hair with my flat iron and apply ion hair wax to my edges to give it some structure since im not getting it cut so i need to have some sort of shape. I also applyed about a dime size of chi-silk infusion to give the hair a lightweight shine. Im realizing the longer i stretch my relaxer the more product i need to acheive the style i want. I think i might really relax my hair next week at 8 weeks post because its just so much easier to style..i dont know we'll see.. ill post pics on my next blog so you can see how i styled it

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