Monday, December 6, 2010

So i have been thinking.....

When I started my hair care journey I cut all my hair off because I wanted to be able to start all over brand new and I wanted a fresh start. And I realized something there's not really much out there online for short hair care. There's way more sites out there to take care of weaves then short hair! So I said you know I guess ill just have to go through trial and error to figure what works. I'm talking about there's a lack of short hair tutorials on youtube there's not many if any short hair discussion boards. To get long hair you had to start from somewhere right???? I dont know just a thought..everytime i tell someone i want to grow out my hair they tell me to use wigs to protect my hair or braids and I'm thinking arent these the same things that got me in this predicament to began with. So I realized im going to need A nice tall glass of PATIENCE to get where im going i still have another six months to really gain some length.


  1. I cut my hair too but not as short. I have heard the same thing i think that with patience and a great regimen you can grow healthy hair. Right now i have a sew in and I'm dying to check for any progress. Just continue to use minimumal heat and the protective styles will help. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much I'm just so anxious!!!